After three years without news, the pop hermit came out of his cave with a comeback EP in the form of a limited edition 10-inch vinyl (A Fairly Approximate Global Vision), a succulent and premonitory appetizer… But an aperitif, at last and after.

After the publication of the EP (June 18, 2021), Ángel Stanich returns to the fray, this time with an entire album: Polvo De Battiato. A third LP with 10 new unreleased songs that reveal a somewhat different Stanich, even more intrepid, exploring unusual paths through a perhaps more intimate and/or, in his own way, confessional territory; between road movies, surreal adventures or intriguing flashbacks to the 80s (in which Stanich was barely born), as in his first single, Rey Idiota, a burlesque reflection on the banality of success. A Stanich 3.0 with even more unleashed ingenuity and restraint.