Can we bring haute cuisine closer to a great Festival?

At Love to Rock we want to offer you a unique gastronomy space that will be part of the Festival programming, under the name LOVE TO FOOD. Different renowned chefs from the city of Valencia will present live an exclusive offer for Festival attendees, developing top-level gastronomic proposals in a dynamic format to be consumed during the two days of the festival.

This year we will have María José Martínez from Rte Lienzo and Germán Carrizo from Rte Fierro recognized with 1 Michelin Star, along with renowned chefs such as Pablo Margós who leads three leading restaurants in gastronomy in València from the Gastro Trinquet Group (Vaqueta Gastro Mercat / Casa Baldo / Pelayo Gastro Trinquet), Vicente Patiño with 2 Repsol Suns from Rte Saiti, Alejandro Platero with his market cuisine from Rte A. Platero or Ismael Cano to make magic with haute ember cuisine

Friday 13 October


Germán Carrizo

Fierro Restaurant

Germán is the balance between madness and creativity. His interest in cooking and traditional food has led him to a successful career in gastronomy, led by Carito, making Fierro a unique place in the city of Valencia. Always restless, Germán bases his work method on creativity and proactivity, with a spirit of constant improvement, transferring his motivation to the entire team.

Ismael Cano

Maillard Ember Experts

In addition to being a lover of good products, he is a specialist in grilling and smoking techniques. During his time as head chef at the Ricard Camarena restaurant, he developed his Maillard project which focuses on solving the problem of distributing charcoal to restaurants. Ismael will join in the preparations of the chefs mentioned above to create a cooking tandem with embers alongside them.

Saturday October 14

Pablo Margós

Gastro Trinquet Group

He leads 3 restaurants in the center of Valencia with a very clear premise, Valencian tradition. Gastronomy, culture and native sports merge in establishments located in some of the most emblematic places in the city. During the festival you can enjoy the more casual side of its cuisine, although never leaving behind our flavors and products.

Saturday October 14


María José Martínez

Lienzo Restaurant

From the Lienzo Restaurant with a Michelin Star, it will bring its cuisine made from organic and local products, including honey from urban hives recovered in Valencia. Its gastronomic proposal is pure daring, flavors and contrasts with the axis of the Valencian pantry as a source of health, a path towards sustainability and a refuge for memory and history.


Vicente Patiño

Saiti Restaurant

It has 2 Repsol Suns. Theirs is an impeccable, traditional cuisine that reminds us of updated local cuisine. From pickles, salted meats, vegetables, all types of fish and seafood, game and rice. Dishes that arrive at the table accompanied by starters that show that creativity does not have to be at odds with traditional cuisine. His mastery can be enjoyed in Love To Rock.

Alejandro Platero

A. Platero Restaurant

Alejandro Platero Restaurant is an ode to tradition and good rice dishes in Campanar. A place that is governed by market and seasonal products, where each day is a totally different experience from the previous one.